Tactile Campus Map

Notre Dame Archives

The University of Notre Dame Archives is responsible for the collection, maintenance, and preservation of the official records of the University of Notre Dame as well as other records that document the life of the Catholic Church and her people as lived in the American context.

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5 Responses

  1. Interesting Campus Map Archive page, Keep up the good work.

  2. I wonder if that map could be used for those that have a hard time in life just to get off the streets and get a good education via a sports scholarship by playing baseball?

  3. I think pitching machines for baseball are like that map of the campus and baseball stadium were back in 1978. You need one to get to the next level.

  4. I think the map idea was magnificent! Bring it back! Kind of like, lets bring back the old baseball music of ester-year, as these were great memories of the great game of baseball!

  5. Unfortunately, we don’t think that it still exists. It was probably taken down when exhibits were installed in Main Building for the Sesquicentennial in 1991. At that point, the 1978 map would have been very much out of date and perhaps it was a bit too tedious to consider maintaining.