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dext er

dextella -ae f. [a little right hand].

dexter -tera -terum or -tra -trum; compar. dexterior -ius , superl. dextimus -a -um; [right, on the right hand, on the right side].Transf. [dexterous, skillful; propitious, favorable, opportune]. F. as subst. dextera or dextra, [the right hand];'(a) dextra', [on the right]; esp. [the right hand as a pledge of faith]; sometimes, in gen., [the hand]. Adv. dextere or dextre, compar. dexterius; [dexterously, skillfully].

dexteritas -atis f. [skillfulness , readiness].

dextrorsum and dextrorsus [on the right , towards the right].

a *er          2   masc sing nom 
a *er          3/3 masc  sing nom
v *erim    1-5  1s pf act sub  were I to have gone.
v *erimus  1-5  1p pf act sub  you and I might have passed.
v *erint   1-5 3p pf act sub  if they were to have been at peace.
v *eris    1-5  2s pf act sub  Were you to have gone.
v *erit    1-5  3s pf act sub  the horse Would have gone.
v *eritis  1-5  2p pf act sub  Were you all to have studied.
n *erum   : masc. gen. pl. 5/"e" appears in all forms. 

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