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festinatio -onis f. [haste , speed, hurry].

festino -are intransit. , [to hasten, hurry]; transit., [to hasten, accelerate]. Hence adv. festinanter and festinato, [hastily].

festinus -a -um [hastening , hasty].

festivitas -atis f. [gaiety , jollity]; of speech or writing, [cheerfulness, humor].

festivus -a -um [of a holiday , festive; merry, good-humored, cheerful]; adv. festive.

festuca -ae f. [a stalk , stem, straw]. Transf., [a rod used in the manumission of slaves].

festus -a -um [of a holiday , festive]; of people, [keeping holiday]; n. as subst. [a feast].

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