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verb um

verbena -ae f. , often in plur., [sacred boughs carried by the Fetials].

verber -eris n. [a lash; whip , scourge, thong; a blow, stroke; whipping].

verbero (1) -are [to beat , whip, thrash]; with words, [to assail, lash].

verbero (2) -onis m. [a rascal].

verbosus -a -um [copious , diffuse, wordy]; adv. verbose.

verbum -i n. [a word]; 'verbum facere' , [to speak]; 'uno verbo', [in a word, briefly]; 'ad verbum', [word for word]; 'verbi causa', [for example]; grammat. [a verb]; [an expression, saying; mere words, talk]: 'verba dare homini', [to cheat a person].

a *um          1   masc sing acc  
a *um          1   neut sing nom  
a *um          1   neut sing acc  
n *um          : masc. gen. pl. 3
n *um          : neut. nom. sing. 2 
n *um          : masc. acc.sing. 2 
n *um          : neut. acc.sing. 2 
n *um          : masc. acc. sing. 4

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