University of Notre Dame

Paradoxes of Catholicism

Robert Hugh Benson

Longmans, Green, and Co.

New York, London, Bombay, and Calcutta


  1. Introductory
    Jesus Christ, God and Man

    The Catholic Church, Divine and Human
  2. Peace and War
  3. Wealth and Poverty
  4. Sanctity and Sin
  5. Joy and Sorrow
  6. Love of God and Love of Man
  7. Faith and Reason
  8. Authority and Liberty
  9. Corporateness and Individualism
  10. Meekness and Violence
  11. The Seven Words
  12. Life and Death

These sermons (which the following pages contain in a much abbreviated form) were delivered, partly in England in various places and at various times, partly in New York in the Lent of 1912, and finally, as a complete course, in the church of S. Silvestro-in-Capite, in Rome, in the Lent of 1912. Some of the ideas presented in this book have already been set out in a former volume entitled "Christ in the Church" and a few in the meditations upon the Seven Words, in another volume, but in altogether other connexions. The author thought it better, therefore, to risk repetition rather than incoherency in the present set of considerations. It is hoped that the repetitions are comparatively few.

Italics have been used for all quotations, whether verbal or substantial, from Holy Scripture and other literature.

Hare Street House, Buntingford
Easter, 1913