University of Notre Dame

The Story of Notre Dame
Lakes and Trees
Photography by Robert F. Ringel

Lakes & Trees One day after ministering to the wants of his dear Indians while gazing over the pretty lake on the shores of which he stood in admiration, a thought flashed to his mind that such a beautiful spot should be secured for God. What a delightful spot for an orphan's asylum and a college! Instantly he resolved to buy it. "How well inspired," said he later to Father Sorin, "I was when I entered these 525 acres."

-- Edward Sorin, CSC,
regarding Fr. Stephen T. Badin

Old College

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"Prior to the coming of Fr. Badin the place seems consecrated to religion, being known to Indian Converts and a few Catholic settlers of the surrounding country as St. Mary of the Lake."

-- Notre Dame Scholastic, 9:401 (26 February 1876).

Few American colleges can rival its layout, none its trees . . . Of all the things to look at around Notre Dame I think I like the trees the best . . . I seldom look at that island without thinking how lovely its redbud trees look from the Grotto lawn in the spring."

-- Thomas Stritch

Sometimes in mid-May or late September there comes a day suitable for framing. The campus is so lovely that you realize that God would enroll at Notre Dame, if he could afford it.

-- Edward Fischer, "All Those Yesterdays,"
Notre Dame Magazine, October 1980.

Generations of Notre Dame men have trod the paths around the lakes. . . . Many a future has been planned on these paths, many an urgent problem solved.

-- 1924-25 Undergraduate Manual, p. 29

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