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Wildlife Up Close
Photography by Robert F. Ringel

Wildlife Up CLose These two lakes (dedicated to St. Mary and St. Joseph), each with its peculiar interest, form the finest feature in the landscape of Notre Dame. They are supplied entirely from springs, and their transparent waters wash shores of clean white sand and pebbles, and hide in the recesses multitudes of the finny tribe of every variety, from sturgeon to minnow. They afford rare sport to the pleasure of loving students both winter and summer: bathing, skating, fishing. These lakes cover an area of about forty-five acres, and the groves on their banks are the resort of every species of game known to this country.

-- 1865 Guide to Notre Dame and St. Mary's

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. . . one alumna has observed, "All animals go to heaven, but the really lucky ones get to go to Notre Dame first."

-- Notre Dame: The Official Campus Guide, p. 18.

Well over one hundred years ago, Timothy Howard penned this ageless tribute to the University dedicated to Our Lady of the Lake. It is as true today as it was then: "Whoever leaves Notre Dame, hopes to see it again."

-- See Howard's 1895 History of Notre Dame

There's no place on this campus that isn't a little bit of heaven.

-- Susan Feirick, Notre Dame Secretary

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